Saturday, December 29, 2012

Winter Holidays ~

I have been enjoying my winter holidays so much and i hope everyone is doing the same. I am eagerly awaiting for new years eve. Even though i have so much to do when i get back to school i did prefer to go out and have some fun ! Here there are some things i did :

1 .Went out and ate some sweet stuff

2. Went to the winter prom

3. Decorated the house :

4. Bought some stuff :

5.Baked the "Bakllava" ( tradition in Albania for New Years Eve )

6.Survived the end of the world 

7.Went to an art gallery 

8. And did shake that snow-globe just to feel the spirit of holidays:

Now all its left is to celebrate New Year ~

Saturday, December 8, 2012


In cold weather i personally kinda miss the warm days. I am not much of a winter person i prefer sun and colorful flowers. The problem is that i'm sick all the time in winter , that's why i'm not a winter fan nor the cold weather fan. In raining days i want to stay in bed and sleep until midday. I don't wanna get up from the comfy and warm bed. But there is only one exception, which one is it ? Maybe next post, for now is just about my nostalgia for those sunny days.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dreamy Days

Time goes so fast. Sometimes i can't even remember how life was, how i was. It feels just like a distant dream like it never happened. Small fragments of laughs. of tears like an old album. I wonder..i really wonder if i will change that much , and inside of me i know i will. What will not change? I just wonder... If i could meet my older self would i know her or will i not ?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Climbing to the Fortress

The feeling you get when you are at an extremely high point is indescribable. Looking down to all those big areas that now seem so small. Having everything at your feet. Breathing for the first time maybe, away from the fog and smoke of the cities.  Being chosen for military and self defensive purpose fortresses tend to be built in high points in order to control all areas around. Kings and warriors fighting for their freedom have walked the paths i walk today.I try to imagine all those lands without buildings, full of trees and grass. A breathtaking picture indeed. Why do we have to destroy everything so we can make place for ourselves? Why can't we intertwine our humanity needs with nature. Find solutions so that both sides can profit.