Thursday, February 21, 2013

Twice in a week approached the sea shore

Its still winter. Yet we went to the beach. Once with the class and once with my family. I enjoyed seafood so much , it had been 3 months that i hadn't had any. When u miss things u seem to enjoy them the most. So did  I, enjoyed them to the very end. I had fun with my classmates even though i didn't expect to and i sure got surprised. Maybe seeing them outside the school environment changed things a bit, or maybe it didn't. Maybe it was all of my imagination. Whether its true or not i felt good. I even tried a crazy thing, getting on a scary fair'like game. With my family i enjoyed the laid back fun. More of the silence and family jokes. The lunch was also delicious. I have some teaser pics of my two pretty friends Ina and Bora. It's them mostly who made the day fun.I personally thank them . By the way aren't the girls beautiful? 
I'm gonna do some propaganda too, check out Ina's blog : The blog is amazing !


Me and Ina

Ina :

Bora and Me

Bora, Me , Ina

Thursday, February 14, 2013

First time of snow this Year

In the city i live doesn't snow, even when it does it's just a matter of minutes. The closest place to try out the snow is Dajti, a mountain just a few km away the city. A few days ago there fell a great amount of snow and I wanted to go so badly. And that's what we did we went there ! Hopped in the car, drove till the cable car, got in the cable car and off to Dajt. The view was amazing. Indeed, that whiteness all around was just breathtaking. I enjoyed it to the max, i did. After a walk , playing with the snow and making a snow man we ate a nice lunch.