Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lost in the Woods

Flaming luscious lips
Against such pale skin,
eyes lost in silence,
smile found in noisy joy,
It's here where journey begins,
drifting to untamed dreams;
Never question fear
cause that is unattainable,
when soul as hard as steel
and heart beats sonic speed

Sunday, July 20, 2014

You are so RAD

Certain individuals radiate beauty. It is true that beauty is relative, yet some cross such cosmic borders. Their vision, their smile, their mind and gestures fill you up with amusement. You start feeling like a child , craving for a little more time to spend with them. They are full of understanding and intelligence, in a way that melts your world and shakes your perceptions.

Part of you, Similar to yourself.
What about when you are about to miss them? Distance is fearful.


Friday, July 11, 2014

Step back to you

Who you were, maybe is not who you will be or even who you are now. Sometimes you cant even remember yourself. You look in the mirror and stare but can you find the difference between you and the image you once held? We can recognize ourselves on the pictures, we create ourselves in dreams yet when we are asked to create an image of us in our head we cant correctly do it. Do we actually witness our existence? Are the footsteps we leave behind truly ours, is the voice we hear the one we actually have?
All our lives we try to know other individuals, but do we know us?
Do i know myself?

There has been a really big gap since my last post, I have promised myself not to give up on this blog. I don't plan on disappointing myself. I have had enough disappointment from other people.
I should give myself a real chance now.

The pictures are a mix of some interesting moments lately in my life, which has changed quite a lot. But have i changed too?

My only decent prom pic (that's what happens when you usually are the photographer)

No judging its a first try.