Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Summer

I wonder why do fun times end so quickly. It feels just like a dream, waking up just as you never dreamed it .The same goes for summer. The season of relaxation , full of crazy hours. Getting sunbaths, diving in the clear sea. Staying up late, sleeping till midday, going to the beach will the replaced by waking up early and stressful school and work. The worst part of it is to get up from all this "dream". There is that summer end depression inside everyone. The desire to not let go. But you should, shouldn't you? Although i cant complain i did spend an amazing summer. One of those i wish every year to have. Maybe is all about the regrets, the things i didn't do? Maybe is always about that, they drag me back at my memories. Imagining of all those thousand different ending possibilities. Living in the past that is what they make you do ~ But i have to live the present! I want to!

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