Monday, April 29, 2013

The smell of Summer

There is a certain period of the year where you can actually start feeling the smell of summer. It is probably just psychological but not nonexistent. Even though not in my best shape (i have been staying all the Autumn and Winter laying in the bed, sleeping and eating) i took some pics of me on the beach. I didn't have the chance to show off my bathing suit completely, only the top. It looks vintage with more like a 50's look.
I should start exercising because my body is not used to this weight so its in total pain. I have lost my elasticity and athleticism somehow. People these days have strange perceptions about being skinny or overweight. What is really important is being healthy and this is somewhere in between. Being fat doesn't make a woman curvy as being a skeleton does not make you sexy either. I may sound a little harsh but this is in my opinion the truth. 
PS: I should work harder too to be more healthy ;]


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