Monday, August 5, 2013

Finally, i can breathe

Yes, once again is approximately one month difference!  But i have a proper excuse, firstly on the 10 day holiday to Dhermi, i forgot my camera's battery. It was a shame because i was so overwhelmed that i would be able to share some nice pics. After that , i must say i haven't really had anything i could share, because to tell the truth this isn't exactly the summer i was waiting for. The summer I was waiting for ,was a summer full of funny, amazing moments that have the potential to be called as memories. I do understand though that you don't always get what you desire and therefore I'm willing to take whatever happens. Be it a boring summer, a full of sleep no activities one or the fun one i was hoping for. Yet the only pictures i am willing to share are the one's taken on the trip to Voskopoja which is a village in Korca. An escape from the extremely heated cities in summer. The blending of nature, fresh mountain air and nice weather give the amount of relaxation we all need.

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